Activited service Apache on Win98

This tutorial from my own experience and I dedicated to my class room TI0402.

Default installation of PHPTriad not activied all service (Apache, MySQL-red). You must activing this service manually by click [Start Menu] [All Program] [PHPTriad] [Apache Console] [Start Apache], and for MySQL [Start Menu] [All Program] [PHPTriad] [MySQL] [MYSQL-D]

First time before I use Apache on Linux OS (operating System-red), I use it on Windows98. Yeah only this OS that I like from Microsoft. But I hate because this OS doesn’t have a facility that managing all services on processing. Soo when I use PHPTriad I’ve modified the registry (just a litle bit and I think it’s not broke the law-Isn’t it?). And I hope this tutorial help you to use Apache. The service will automatic start when the OS boot first time, so you not need to activing this service manually again.

Installing service on Windows 98 :

  1. [Start Menu] [RUN] type command and then [ENTER]
  2. On command prompt type cd\ [Enter]
  3. Type cd apache [ENTER]
  4. Type on DOS prompt apache -k install [ENTER}
  5. See the information…

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